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Behind the Brand

Well, hello there, Momma!


We are more likely to know a good drink recipe than a winning dinner recipe.

You know those moms you see at kid events whose hair, nails and clothes look like they just stepped out of the salon?

Yea… You won’t find that here.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate good grooming practices. We just appreciate a quiet moment with our coffee (while hiding in the shower) a little more.

Zommy was born out of the need to STOP apologizing for our lives being the way the are.

We shouldn’t have to apologize for our kids being kids (unless they’re truly being jackasses), the mess in our house, dishes in our sink or coffee stains on our tee shirts.

It’s time to embrace the reality of motherhood, chaos, cuddles and all.

Once upon a time you thought you had your shit together…

Then you became “mom.”

Whether you have one kid or eleven, kids have a way of turning your life upside down.

We know.

It doesn’t matter if they’re your kids by blood, adoption or marriage… Some days we just need to remember to breathe before we go donkey-bonkers (aka ballistic, ape-shit crazy, insane, etc.)

Read on to learn how Zommy came to be and why!

Zommy - About Us - Kim Sutton
Zommy - About Us - Sutton Family


Kim Sutton

When I first became a mom, my life transformed. Yes, I suddenly had a living creature hanging from me (or my breast) who constantly wanted care, love and attention, but the transformation was deeper.

I thought I had to become Suzy Homemaker, perfect in every way.

The stress I put on myself was maddening, and became worse with each additional child.

Four more kids, a decade and a new husband later, I realized that I am me, and Suzy Homemaker I will not be.

I burn just about everything I cook, care more about my business than I do housekeeping, and have taken naps behind my sunglasses at soccer games/practices.

I have no desire to be a room mother, and don’t feel there is anything that shouldn’t be discussed with my kids.

There is undoubtedly a large population of moms who are turned off my “imperfections,” but I am equally turned off by their fakeness.

My life is not Instagram perfect, and I have no desire for it to be.

Random Facts:

  • I’m a productivity expert who LOVES video games
  • I share my birthday with Dr. Seuss
  • I’m Christian but I cuss (a LOT)
  • Favorite beverages: coffee, water w/lemon or margarita
  • I have (3) tattoos and will get many more
  • Mom to JC (18), RH (15), NA (7) and ZQ & DR (twins, 5)
  • I met my soul-mate (now husband) on Craigslist

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Forget perfection. It's time to embrace zommy-hood!

Three cheers (and a beer) for momma hair,  smudges of yesterday's makeup, mountains of laundry, dishes in the sink, stained tee-shirts, five-year old nursing bras and cold coffee!